Jianyi Yang's Research Group
Our laboratory is focusing on algorithm development in the field of structural bioinformatics, including the following topics:
  • Protein structure and function prediction
  • Protein structure alignment
  • Protein-ligand binding site prediciton
  • Application of deep learning algorithms in bioinformatics
  • June 2021, Yajun Dai and Shoufang Yan had their Master thesis defense, Congrats! Shoufang will join the Autobio. Yajun will join the DiDi. Click here to view the photos.
  • June 2021, Hong Su and Saisai Sun had their Phd thesis defense, Congrats! Hong received a postdoc position in Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. Saisai will join the Xidian Univerisity as a faculty. Click here to view the photos.
  • Mar 2021, EMBL-EBI news: trRosetta predicts protein structures for every protein family in the Pfam database.
  • Dec 2020, Jianyi Yang was awarded the Shange Scholarship (first prize)!
  • Oct 2020, Hong Su participated the 2020 National Postdoctoral Forum on the Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence. Her paper won the 2nd prize. Congrats!
  • Oct 2020, Hong Wei and Yajun Dai won the National Graduate Student Scholarship. Hong Su, Saisai Sun and Zongyang Du won Nankai University's Graduate Student Scholarship. Congrats!
  • Oct 2020, Wenkai Wang, Yi Shi, Hong Wei, Yuze Jiang, Chen Yao and Shengyi Zong joined our group. Welcome!
  • Sep 2020, We participated in the 9th National Conference on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology of China. Click here to view the photos.
  • June 2020, Qi Wu had his Phd thesis defense, Congrats! Qi was selected as an Outstanding Graduate Student. He will join the Xiangtan University as a faculty.
  • June 2020, Baixin Cao had his Master thesis defense, Congrats! He will join the Alibaba Group.
  • May 2020, Nankai Bioinformatics Laboratory website was created: https://bioinformatics.nankai.edu.cn/.
  • Apr 2020, The trRosetta structure models for 10 SARS-CoV-2 proteins that do not have homologous templates in PDB were released at: SARS-2-CoV.
  • Mar 2020, The trRosetta paper was selected as research highlights by Nature Methods, and recommended in F1000Prime.
  • Jan 2020, Our collaboration work with the Baker lab on deep learning- and Rosetta-based protein structure prediction was published online at PNAS. Congrats!
  • Master and PhD students: We are enrolling 2-3 Master students and 1 PhD student every year, majoring in Bioinformatics. (read more ...).
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow: We are seeking for talent and creative postdoc candidates who are interested in algorithm development in structural bioinformatics. (read more ...)