APD results for job APD000015 (your_protein)

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  Native Information

         Summary of the native structure

Number of residues : 193
Number of residue pairs with separation ≥ 12 : 16471
Number of residue pairs with separation ≥ 12 and distance ≤ 8Å : 273
Number of residue pairs with separation ≥ 12 and distance ≤ 20Å : 5962

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   Distance Visualization
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   Distance Evaluation Results
Prediction-oriented Metrics Value Native-oriented Metrics Value Full-list Metrics Value
Distance precision 0.893 Macro fuzzy f1 0.685 Macro fuzzy f1 0.702
Fuzzy certainty 0.634 Distogram LDDT 0.559 Macro fuzzy precision 0.725
Relative error 0.084 Distance precision 0.717 Macro fuzzy certainty 0.588
Macro fuzzy precision 0.761 Macro fuzzy recall 0.653 Macro fuzzy recall 0.683
Pearson's correlation coefficient 0.928 Macro fuzzy precision 0.729 Download full-list results
Contact precision 0.891 Fuzzy certainty 0.515
Absolute error 0.937 Download native-oriented results
Macro fuzzy f1 0.551
Macro fuzzy recall 0.486
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  • Z Du, Z Peng, J Yang, Toward the assessment of predicted inter-residue distance, Bioinformatics, 38: 962-969 (2022).