The job results are generally summarized in a webpage, the link of which is sent to the users after the job is completed (see an example of the CATHER output). This page includes a detailed explanation on the data listed on the CATHER output page.



The input to CATHER is the sequence of the query protein. As shown in Figure 1, the CATHER works as follows.

Figure 1. The flowchart of the CATHER algorithm.

Submit a job to CATHER

Figure 2. The submission page of CATHER.

View the predicted results

Figure 3. The result page.

How to cite CATHER?

Please cite the following article when you use the CATHER server:
  • Z Du, S Pan, Q Wu, Z Peng, J Yang, CATHER: a novel threading algorithm with predicted contacts, Bioinformatics, 36: 2119-2125 (2020).
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