PSIONplusm is a webserver that predicts ion channels and their types, including voltage-gated channel for potassium, voltage-gated channel for sodium, voltage-gated channel for calcium, voltage-gated channel for anions, ligand-gated channel for potassium, ligand-gated channel for sodium, ligand-gated channel for calcium, ligand-gated channel for anion and non-ion-channel. The predictions are performed sequentially by combining the outputs generated with three SVM-based model from the PSIONplus method(PSIONION, PSIONVLG, PSIONVGS) and BLAST. This is the first method that performs multi-label ion channel type prediction, which means that one protein chain can be predicted as multiple ion channel types. For more details, please see our articles listed below.


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     1 (PSIONplus: discrimination for ion channel and non-ion channel)
     2 (PSIONplus: discrimination for voltage-gated and ligand-gated channel)
     3 (PSIONplus: discrimination for four types ion channel)
     4 (PSIONplusm: sequential prediction for single-label prediction )
     5 (PSIONplusm: sequential prediciton for multi-label prediction)


  • Gao J, Cui W, Sheng Y, Ruan J*, Kurgan L*.PSIONplus: Accurate Sequence-Based Predictor of Ion Channels and Their Types,PLoS One, 2016, 11(4):e0152964.
  • Gao J, Miao Z, Zhang Z, Wei H, Kurgan L. Prediction of Ion Channels and their Types from Protein Sequences: Comprehensive Review and Comparative Assessment. Current Drug Targets. 2019;20(5):579–592. doi:10.2174/1389450119666181022153942


    We thank these software DISOpred,PSIPRED,SPINE X,PSIBLAST for provide important features.