Lab Publications
(#Co-first author, *Corresponding author. Research profile in Google Scholar and ResearcherID)
  1. Hong Su, Zhenling Peng*, Jianyi Yang*
    Recognition of small molecule-RNA binding sites using RNA sequence and structure
    Bioinformatics, 37: 36-42 (2021).
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  2. Saisai Sun, Wenkai Wang, Zhenling Peng, Jianyi Yang*
    RNA inter-nucleotide 3D closeness prediction by deep residual neural networks
    Bioinformatics, 37: 1093-1098 (2021).
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  3. Jianyi Yang#, Ivan Anishchenko#, Hahnbeom Park, Zhenling Peng, Sergey Ovchinnikov, David Baker*
    Improved protein structure prediction using predicted interresidue orientations
    PNAS, 117: 1496-1503 (2020).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server] [ This paper was a "Highly Cited Paper" in Web of Science, and highlighted by Nature Methods and F1000Prime]
  4. Kui Wang, Gang Hu, Zhonghua Wu, Hong Su, Jianyi Yang, Lukasz Kurgan*
    Comprehensive survey and comparative assessment of RNA-binding residue predictions with analysis by RNA type
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21: 6879 (2020).
  5. Yajun Dai, Yang Li, Liping Wang, Zhenling Peng, Jianyi Yang*
    On monomeric and multimeric structures-based protein-ligand interactions
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, in press (2020).
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  6. Zongyang Du#, Shuo Pan#, Qi Wu, Zhenling Peng, Jianyi Yang*
    CATHER: a novel threading algorithm with predicted contacts
    Bioinformatics, 36: 2119-2125 (2020).
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  7. Qi Wu, Zhenling Peng*, Ivan Anishchenko, Qian Cong, David Baker, Jianyi Yang*
    Protein contact prediction using metagenome sequence data and residual neural networks
    Bioinformatics, 36: 41-48 (2020).
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  8. Hong Wei, Boling Wang, Jianyi Yang, Jianzhao Gao*
    RNA flexibility prediction with sequence profile and predicted solvent accessibility
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, in press (2020).
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  9. Hong Su, Mengchen Liu, Saisai Sun, Zhenling Peng*, Jianyi Yang*
    Improving the prediction of protein-nucleic acids binding residues via multiple sequence profiles and the consensus of complementary algorithms
    Bioinformatics, 35:930-936 (2019).
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  10. Saisai Sun, Qi Wu, Zhenling Peng*, Jianyi Yang*
    Enhanced prediction of RNA solvent accessibility with long short-term memory neural networks and improved sequence profiles
    Bioinformatics, 35:1686-1691 (2019).
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  11. Akila Katuwawala, Zhenling Peng, Jianyi Yang, Lukasz Kurgan*
    Computational prediction of MoRFs, short disorder-to-order transitioning protein binding regions
    Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 17: 454-462 (2019).
  12. Evan N. Feinberg*, Debnil Sur, Zhenqin Wu, Brooke E. Husic, Huanghao Mai, Yang Li, Saisai Sun, Jianyi Yang, Bharath Ramsundar, Vijay S. Pande*
    PotentialNet for molecular property prediction
    ACS Central Science, 4: 1520-1530 (2018).
  13. Zijuan Zhao, Zhenling Peng*, Jianyi Yang*
    Improving sequence-based prediction of protein-peptide binding residues by introducing intrinsic disorder and a consensus method
    Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 58: 1459-1468 (2018).
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  14. Qi Wu, Zhenling Peng*, Yang Zhang, Jianyi Yang*
    COACH-D: improved protein-ligand binding site prediction with refined ligand-binding poses through molecular docking
    Nucleic Acids Research, 46: W438-W442 (2018).
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  15. Runze Dong#, Shuo Pan#, Zhenling Peng*, Yang Zhang, Jianyi Yang*
    mTM-align: a server for fast protein structure database search and multiple protein structure alignment
    Nucleic Acids Research, 46: W380-W386 (2018).
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  16. Qiaozhen Meng, Zhenling Peng*, Jianyi Yang*
    CoABind: a novel algorithm for Coenzyme A (CoA)- and CoA derivatives-binding residues prediction
    Bioinformatics, 34: 2598-2604 (2018).
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  17. Runze Dong, Zhenling Peng, Yang Zhang*, Jianyi Yang*
    mTM-align: an algorithm for fast and accurate multiple protein structure alignment
    Bioinformatics, 34: 1719-1725 (2018).
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  18. Qiqige Wuyun#, Wei Zheng#, Zhenling Peng, Jianyi Yang*
    A large-scale comparative assessment of methods for residue-residue contact prediction
    Briefings in Bioinformatics, 19: 219-230 (2018).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Datasets]
  19. Mary Ashley Rimmer, Owen W. Nadeau, Jianyi Yang, Antonio Artigues, Yang Zhang, Gerald M. Carlson
    The structure of the large regulatory alpha subunit of phosphorylase kinase examined by modeling and hydrogen-deuterium exchange
    Protein Science, 27: 472-484 (2018).
  20. Yang Li, Jianyi Yang*
    Structural and sequence similarity makes a significant impact on machine learning-based scoring functions for protein-ligand interactions
    Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 57: 1007-1012 (2017).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Datasets]
  21. Qi Wu, Zuguo Yu*, Jianyi Yang*
    DLTree: efficient and accurate phylogeny reconstruction using the dynamical language method
    Bioinformatics, 33: 2214-2215. (2017).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server]
  22. Jiaqi Xia, Zhenling Peng, Dawei Qi, Hongbo Mu*, Jianyi Yang*
    An ensemble approach to protein fold classification by integration of template-based assignment and support vector machine classifier
    Bioinformatics, 33: 863-887 (2017).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server]
  23. Xiuzhen Hu, Qiwen Dong, Jianyi Yang, Yang Zhang
    Recognizing metal and acid radical ion binding sites by integrating ab initio modeling with template-based transferals
    Bioinformatics, 32: 3260-3269 (2016).
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  24. Jianyi Yang, Yan Wang, Yang Zhang
    ResQ: An approach to unified estimation of B-factor and residue-specific error in protein structure prediction
    Journal of Molecular Biology, 428: 693-701 (2016).
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  25. Jianyi Yang, Wenxuan Zhang, Haoji He, Sara Elizabeth Walker, Hongjiu Zhang, Brandon Govindarajoo, Jouko Virtanen, Zhidong Xue, Hongbin Shen, Yang Zhang
    Template-based protein structure prediction in CASP11 and retrospect of I-TASSER in the last decade
    Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 84: 233-246 (2016).
  26. Wenxuan Zhang, Jianyi Yang, Haoji He, Sara Elizabeth Walker, Hongjiu Zhang, Brandon Govindarajoo, Jouko Virtanen, Zhidong Xue, Hongbin Shen, Yang Zhang
    Integration of QUARK and I-TASSER for ab initio protein structure prediction in CASP11
    Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 84: 76-86 (2016).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  27. Zhonghua Wu, Gang Hu, Jianyi Yang, Zhenling Peng, Vladimir N. Uversky, Lukasz Kurgan
    In various protein complexes, disordered protomers have large per-residue surface areas and area of protein-, DNA- and RNA-binding interfaces
    FEBS Letters, 589: 2561-2569 (2015).
  28. Jianyi Yang*, Yang Zhang*
    Protein structure and function prediction using I-TASSER
    Current Protocols in Bioinformatics, 52: 5.8.1-5.8.15 (2015).
    [PDF] [Server]
  29. Wallace Chan, Hongjiu Zhang, Jianyi Yang, Jeffrey Brender, Junguk Hur, Arzucan Ozgur, Yang Zhang
    GLASS: a comprehensive database for experimentally-validated GPCR-ligand associations
    Bioinformatics, 31: 3035-3042 (2015).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Database]
  30. Jian Zhang#, Jianyi Yang#, Richard Jang, Yang Zhang
    GPCR-I-TASSER: A hybrid approach to G protein-coupled receptor structure modeling and the application to the human genome
    Structure, 23: 1538-1549 (2015).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server] [Database]
  31. Jianyi Yang*, Yang Zhang*
    I-TASSER server: new development for protein structure and function predictions
    Nucleic Acids Research, 43: W174-W181 (2015).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server] [This paper was a "Highly Cited Paper" in Web of Science]
  32. Jianyi Yang, Renxiang Yan, Ambrish Roy, Dong Xu, Jonathan Poisson, Yang Zhang
    The I-TASSER Suite: Protein structure and function prediction
    Nature Methods, 12: 7-8 (2015).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server]
  33. Shu Quan, Lili Wang, Evgeniy V Petrotchenko, Karl AT Makepeace, Scott Horowitz, Jianyi Yang, Yang Zhang, Christoph H Borchers, James CA Bardwell
    Super Spy variants implicate flexibility in chaperone action
    eLife, 3: e01584 (2014).
  34. Irina Kufareva, Vsevolod Katritch, Participants of GPCR Dock 2013 (include Jianyi Yang), Raymond C Stevens, Ruben Abagyan
    Advances in GPCR modeling evaluated by the GPCR Dock 2013 assessment: meeting new challenges
    Structure, 22: 1120-1139 (2014).
  35. Derek S Borgwardt, Aaron D. Martin, Jonathan R Van Hemert, Jianyi Yang, Carol L Fischer, Erica N Recker, Prashant R Nair, Robinson Vidva, Shwetha Chandrashekaraiah, Ann Progulske-Fox, David Drake, Joseph E Cavanaugh, Shireen Vali, Yang Zhang, Kim A Brogden
    Histatin 5 binds to Porphyromonas gingivalis hemagglutinin B (HagB) and alters HagB-induced chemokine responses
    Scientific Reports, 4: 3904 (2014).
  36. Grant Holdren#, David Rosenthal#, Jianyi Yang#, Amber Bates, Carol Fischer, Yang Zhang, Nicole Brogden, Kim Brogden
    Antimicrobial activity of chemokine CXCL10 for dermal and oral microorganisms
    Antibiotics, 3: 527-539 (2014).
  37. Zuguo Yu, Vo Anh, Jianyi Yang, Shaoming Zhu
    Fractal related methods for predicting protein structure classes and functions
    Algorithmic and Artificial Intelligence Methods for Protein Bioinformatics, Chapter16: 317-337 (2014).
  38. Jianyi Yang, Ambrish Roy, Yang Zhang
    BioLiP: a semi-manually curated database for biologically relevant ligand-protein interactions
    Nucleic Acids Research, 41: D1096-D1103 (2013).
    [PDF] [Database] [This paper was a "Highly Cited Paper" in Web of Science]
  39. Jianyi Yang, Ambrish Roy, Yang Zhang
    Protein-ligand binding site recognition using complementary binding-specific substructure comparison and sequence profile alignment
    Bioinformatics, 29: 2588-2595 (2013).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server] [This paper was a "Highly Cited Paper" in Web of Science]
  40. Renxiang Yan, Dong Xu, Jianyi Yang, Sara Walker, Yang Zhang
    A comparative assessment and analysis of 20 representative sequence alignment methods for protein structure prediction
    Scientific Reports, 3: 2619 (2013).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  41. Jiaqi Fu, Song Ling, Ying Liu, Jianyi Yang, Shirly Naveh, Margaret Hannah, Chaim Gilon, Yang Zhang, Joseph Holoshitz
    A small shared epitope-mimetic compound potently accelerates osteoclast-mediated bone damage in autoimmune arthritis
    The Journal of Immunology, 191: 2096-2103 (2013).
  42. Ambrish Roy, Jianyi Yang, Yang Zhang
    COFACTOR: An accurate comparative algorithm for structure-based protein function annotation
    Nucleic Acids Research, 40: W471-W477 (2012).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server] [This paper was a "Highly Cited Paper" in Web of Science]
  43. Heng Lian, Xin Chen, Jianyi Yang
    Identification of partially linear structure in additive models with an application to gene expression prediction from sequences
    Biometrics, 68: 437-445 (2012).
  44. Jianyi Yang*, Xin Chen
    Improving taxonomy-based protein fold recognition by using global and local features
    Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 79: 2053-2064 (2011).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information] [Server]
  45. Jianyi Yang*, Xin Chen
    A consensus approach to predicting protein contact map via logistic regression
    Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, Springer Verlag, 6674: 136-147 (2011).
    [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  46. Zhenling Peng#, Jianyi Yang*#, Xin Chen
    An improved classification of G-protein-coupled receptors using sequence-derived features
    BMC Bioinformatics, 11: 420 (2010).
    [PDF] [Server]
  47. Jianyi Yang*, Zhenling Peng, Xin Chen
    Prediction of protein structural classes for low-homology sequences based on predicted secondary structure
    BMC Bioinformatics, 11: S9 (2010).
    [PDF] [Server]
  48. Xin Chen, Jianyi Yang
    Constructing consensus genetic maps in comparative analysis
    Journal of Computational Biology, 17: 1561-1573 (2010).
    [PDF] [Server]
  49. Jianyi Yang*#, Zhenling Peng#, Zuguo Yu, Ruijie Zhang, Vo Anh, Desheng Wang
    Prediction of protein structural classes by recurrence quantification analysis based on chaos game representation
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, 257: 618-626 (2009).
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    Clustering structures of large proteins using multifractal analyses based on 6-letters model and hydrophobicity scale of amino acids
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