trRosetta is an algorithm for fast and accurate de novo protein structure prediction. It builds the protein structure based on direct energy minimizations with a restrained Rosetta. The restraints include inter-residue distance and orientation distributions, predicted by a deep residual nerual network. In benchmark tests on CASP13 and CAMEO derived sets, trRosetta outperforms all previously described methods. Read more about trRosetta...

The major results returned include:

The trRosetta structure models for 10 SARS-CoV-2 proteins that do not have homologous templates in PDB were released at: SARS-2-CoV.


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  • J Yang, I Anishchenko, H Park, Z Peng, S Ovchinnikov, D Baker, Improved protein structure prediction using predicted interresidue orientations, PNAS, 117: 1496-1503 (2020).