trRosetta results for job TR104807 (your_protein)

Download all modeling results: TR104807_results.tar.bz2 (Note: this page will be removed after one month to save computer space)

   Predicted Structure Models
Color in rainbow from purple (N-terminus) to red (C-terminus). Estimated TM-score: 0.940
Download model1 in pdb format
Predicted per-residue LDDT for model1
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Summary of the modeling results
  • The confidence of the model is very high. It was built with restraints from both deep learning and homologous templates (shown below).
  • You can download other lower-ranked models: model2, model3, model4, model5.
  • This is a single-sequence folding with trRosettaX, as no significant sequence homologs was detected (in uniclust30_2018_08).
  • Download the predicted inter-residue distance and orientations.
  •    Predicted inter-residue distance and orientations
    Contact Distance Omega Theta Phi

       Templates used by trRosettaX Show


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